2014 wraps up Family-In-Law’s first full year in existence, and it’s been a great one (cue Facebook photo montage).

But out of almost 80 posts and nearly 10,000 views, these were your top five in 2014:

New Research on Shared Parenting and Very Young Children.

New Research, same old debate.  I expect we’ll see even more of the same in 2015.

Five Changes that May be Coming to Minnesota’s Child Custody Laws

Spoiler alert: they came and went.  Now we have to all figure out what they mean.  It looks like 2015 has even bigger changes in store for family law in Minnesota with proposed changes to child support, spousal maintenance waivers, the child custody best interest factors, and more.  

Divorce and the Affordable Care Act: Premiums Or Penalties 

We’re still figuring out exactly how the Affordable Care Act will impact divorced and separated families.  2014 will be the first year in which penalties are imposed for failure to maintain insurance, so we can expect answers to all these questions very soon.

Can Your Child Sue You for College Tuition?

With the cost of college and student loan debt spinning out of control, there were a lot of readers asking this question.  The answer seems to be “yes” in New Jersey, but mercifully not in the majority of states.

European Court of Human Rights Rules in International Surrogacy Case

Surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology continue to make headlines, though the law in most countries remains outdated.  We can expect to see more controversy and even less consensus in 2015, as different states and countries reach different conclusions about the best balance to strike.

2015 and Beyond

I’m expecting 2015 to bring a lot of changes.  Not only is there the possibility of major legislative developments in Minnesota (all of which we’ll be covering), but I’ll be moving away from the Round-Up format to provide more issue focused posts.

I’ll also be focusing more attention on the next generation of family law, including millennial marriages and families, providing expert tips from financial planners, realtors, and other professionals on the considerations (legal, financial and otherwise) that the current generation of young families need to consider as they grow and change.

All of which means 2015 should be even better, so stay tuned.

Well, that’s it.  Happy New Year from Family-In-Law.

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