Does the world really need another blog on family law and divorce?

Probably not.

At least not one telling you what “legal custody” means or explaining the factors for dividing property or ending every post with the not-so-subtle suggestion that you “call our firm to talk with an experienced family law attorney today.”

Those are the blogs from your parents’ divorce.

The world doesn’t need another one of those blogs.

This is not that blog.

When I started Family-In-Law in 2013, it was to create a different sort of family law blog. Instead of the same, tired law-splaining of my states’ divorce and custody statutes, I wanted to start a blog that kept pace with the way our law arranges and re-arranges families, and (just as important) how families arrange and rearrange themselves around the law.  I wanted to keep track of developments (cultural and legal) in my own state, changes happening across the country, and the way my generation is re-shaping marriage, family, and the laws behind them. I wanted to cover where the law is going, not where it used to be.

Most importantly, I wanted to provide a resource for people trying to understand what “the law” means for them and their families, not just from the standpoint of what the law “is” (as if any such thing existed) but where its going.

And out of that burst of millennial optimism came Family-In-Law.

But what’s with all the legal wonk?

Families are complicated. So is the law. That’s one of the things that keeps me doing what I do, and blogging on it regularly.

A philosophy major in college (yes, I realize you can’t do anything with a BA in philosophy), I left with a healthy skepticism of people telling me what “the law” is or what a case means.  So rather than just hand down my own color commentary, I want to explain why.  Cases. Statutes. The whole shebang.  With Google Scholar and online statutes and opinions, the law, such as it is, is right there on the internet for anyone to find. So why hide it?

While I try to write for anyone with an interest in the law, marriage, and families, occasionally some Latin gets thrown around with mixed results.  If I lose you, or if you want to know more, let me know.  You can use the Contact page, or just send me an email:  I’m always happy to get suggestions for future posts.


 I’m a lawyer. I have opinions about the area in which I practice. That’s why I started blogging.

But nothing in this blog is legal advice or a legal opinion, and reading this blog doesn’t make you my client. Please be sure to review the Disclaimers, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Who are you anyway?

Funny you should ask.  I’m a blogger. A lawyer. A millennial.  A father terrorized by a young daughter. An east-coast transplant to the middle-west. A sucker for long biographies on tycoons of all varieties. There’s a whole page where you can find out the rest.